German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is offering PhD research positions in the area of GENOMICS & PROTEOMICS Sequence analysis.

In German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, SDS research group is utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence to perform cutting-edge research related to GENOMICS & PROTEOMICS Sequence analysis. It is developing robust and precise Artificial Intelligence based systems that can facilitate or replace wet-expeimental apporaches with computational predictors competent in analyzing genetic sequences (DNA, RNA, Protein, etc.). With an aim to bridge the gap between AI researchers and biologists, group collaborates with various national and international institutes from industry and academia.
To strengthen our team, we are offering multiple PhD positions in the area of Computational Genomics & Proteomics sequence analysis. This research opportunity will provide a platform to explore how Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to guide the process of finding genetic variations that may cause diseases, predicting impact of drugs on certain diseases, and designing personalized treatments.

Required Qualification and Expertise:
  • Master’s degree in biology, computer science, data science, bioinformatics, scientific computing (or any related fields)
  • A comprehensive research and development experience in Machine learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Expert level skills in Python programming and knowledge of playing with diverse types of frameworks (Pytorch, Tensorflow)
  • Publications in leading conferences or Journals in the field of Natural Language Processing or Bioinformatics.
  • Deep knowledge of machine and deep learning algorithms
  • Knowledge of technical writing
Your tasks:
  • To find potential areas of DNA, RNA and Protein Sequence analysis where Artificial Intelligence can be utilized.
  • Publications in top ranked Journals and Conferences.
  • Design and implementation of innovative machine and deep learning based pipelines for DNA, RNA and Protein Sequence analysis.
  • Attractive scholarship and full financial support for attending conferences and workshops across the world.
  • International contacts in research and industry.
  • An innovative and professional working environment.
How to Apply?

Please email your resume to, subject: “Application for Ph.D. Position: SDS_CGPhD_2023”

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